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Preparing Your Company, Career and Children for a Fast Approaching Technologically Powered and Digitally Disrupted Future

"Old models are not working, new models are coming thick and fast, and we're having to adjust and to keep up, because of technology and globalisation. And the disruption will happen over and over again, relentlessly," said Prime Minister Lee at the National Day Rally 2016.

According to many experts, the world is facing rapidly accelerating change and will be drastically transformed in the next 15 years. Robots, smart drones, autonomous vehicles and emerging forms of artificial intelligence will take centrestage in the global economy, disrupting many existing industries, businesses and jobs.

In this new intelligence-based economy, machines will become infinitely smarter and more connected than they are today, fundamentally changing the way we live, work and play. Numerous studies from respected institutions are predicting that many of today’s industries will be disrupted, companies eliminated and jobs automated within the coming decades.

At the same time, this Fourth Industrial Revolution (a term coined by World Economic Forum) will also create new types of economic opportunities, which will require remarkably different mindsets, strategies and capabilities.

How will this future of economy, business, work and jobs look like? Who are the winners and losers in the new paradigm? Most importantly, how can you prepare your company, career and children to succeed in this future economy?

Join us to find out before it’s too late!

We are at the beginning of a revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work, and relate to one another. In its scale, scope and complexity, what I consider to be the fourth industrial revolution is unlike anything humankind has experienced before. We are witnessing profound shifts across all industries, marked by the emergence of new business models, the disruption of incumbents and the reshaping of production, consumption, transportation and delivery systems.

Professor Klaus Schwab, Founder and Chairman of World Economic Forum and Author of The Fourth Industrial Revolution

Who Should Attend:

· Managers, Executives, Engineers, Professionals (PMEs)

· Entrepreneurs

· Parents

Topics Covered:

· The Future Economy

· Future Technologies

· Future Industries

· Digital Disruption of Economy and Industries

· Disruption of the Human Worker and Jobs at Risk

· Future of Professions, Jobs and Skills

· Opportunities and Threats of the Future Economy

· New Strategy, Mindset and Approach to Succeed in this New World

· Focus on Company: New Future-proof Business Strategies and Becoming Exponential Organizations

· Focus on Career: A New and Powerful "Business of One" Career Management Model

· Focus on Children: Raising Future-Ready Kids and Instilling New Mindsets

About the Expert Speaker

Charlie Ang is a Business Futurist whose specialty is in analysing and explaining the impact of technologies on the future of the economy, industries, companies, education and jobs. His insights has been featured extensively in various media and publications such as The Straits Times, The Business Times, Channel NewsAsia, MediaCorp Channel 5, Financial Times, Singapore Business Review, TODAY Paper, 938 LIVE FM, The SME Magazine, e27, Yahoo! Singapore and WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education).

He is also a regular speaker at conferences and forums on topics ranging from future trends, strategic innovation, disruptive technologies, startups, education, human resources, jobs and entrepreneurship. He has been invited to speak to government agencies such as SPRING Singapore, Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Education and IE Singapore and universities including National University of Singapore and Singapore University of Technology and Design.

He is actively engaged in exciting roles that puts him at the forefront of new developments such as:

· As an innovation evangelist/catalyst: Founding President of The Innovators Institute, Co-founder of The Innovators Network, Co-founder of The IdeasCollider!,

· As a venture investor: Partner and Head for Singapore at KIATT, a deep technology and commercial science global venture capital firm.

· As a technology educator: Partnership Director of SingularityU Global (Singapore Chapter), which is the worldwide alumni network of Singularity University.

Charlie received his MBA from the NUS Business School and BSc (First Class) Honours in Computer Science from University of Manchester, UK. He is also trained in strategic futures and innovation at Singularity University (in Silicon Valley), Oxford University’s Said Business School and Stanford University.

He is very passionate about helping companies, leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals and individuals understand, adapt and succeed in the Future Economy.

About FutureCraft (Organiser)

FutureCraft Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based future insights agency that prepares leaders, entrepreneurs, professionals, educators and parents for a rapidly accelerating and technologically powered future. We analyse potential futures and translate them into actionable insights that individuals can act on today to gain an advantageous head start and exploit emerging opportunities.

Visit us at http://futurecraft.asia

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